• Demolition

  • Façade Protection

  • Asbestos Removal and Disposal
  • Site Clearance/Bulk Excavation
  • Inner City Redevelopment
  • Plant and Equipment


Walmac Ltd. was formed in 1993 by Martin Walshe and Gerry McIntyre, both of whom have over 40 years experience in major demolition and construction projects in Ireland.

Walmac specialises in the following areas of the construction industry:


Demolition of existing structures to facilitate the construction of new buildings.

All demolition works are carried out in accordance with BS 6187-2011 and all other relevant BS Codes of Practice for demolition works. A Waste Management Plan is prepared for each project in accordance to “Best Practice Guidelines on the Preparation of Waste Management Plans for Construction and Demolition Waste Projects – 2006”

Façade Protection:

Planning conditions for urban redevelopment can have significant conservation conditions attached to the planning permission and for this reason façade protection and retention of old structures is of vital importance.
The retention of old structures and façades of buildings requires special temporary support system until the new structures are completed. Walmac has the in house capabilities to design, develop and install the necessary temporary works to facilitate the construction of the new works in a practical and safe method for all concerned.

Asbestos Removal and Disposal:

Under Health & Safety regulations an inspection must be carried out on existing structures in order to identify any asbestos or contaminated materials, and if found they must be removed before any new work commences. All asbestos or contaminated materials have to be disposed off to a specific licensed location. Walmac can carry out inspections, reports, removal, disposal and certification of such materials.

Site Clearance/Bulk Excavation

Walmac provides all sub-structure services including underpinning, trench sheeting and bulk excavation. Walmac also carries out enabling works, basement construction and car parks to a very high standard.

Inner City Redevelopment

Walmac specialises in inner city demolition which requires the retention of existing facades and protection of adjoining properties. Salvaging materials for conservation reuse. This is carried out by our specialised trained team of demolition workers within our company.

Plant and Equipment

Walmac together with M&P Construction has invested in a wide range of modern plant and equipment, allowing us to carry out all types of demolition and enabling works.