Dawson Street, Dublin 2

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Project Description

The premises consist of Building A (a 1930s building bounded by Dawson Lane and to rear of No. 11-12), Building B (a 1960s building facing Dawson Street and Dawson Lane, to the front of

No. 11-12) and Building C (a 1970s building, No. 9-10). No. 11-12 and the façade only of No. 9-10 are proposed Protected Structures. The development involves the continued use of the basement for plant and car parking with access from Dawson Lane and introduces cycle parking, storage, shower and locker facilities. A change of use of the ground floor of No. 9-10 Dawson Street and rear of No. 11-12 Dawson Street from office use to licensed restaurant use. The existing office entrance at No. 11-12 is to be upgraded including recovery and reinstatement of double height entrance hall and will be used as access foyer to offices on the upper floors. It is proposed to upgrade the existing office areas in No. 11-12 at 1st to 4th floor levels, including demolition of section of wall, removing existing screens, partitions, core areas and installing new cores including lifts, stairs and staff facilities and infilling of light well. Demolish parts of existing floor areas, and existing stair cores, screens and partitions at 1st to 4th floor area in the part of No. 9-10 not proposed for protection and construct replacement rear extension and create new stairs, lifts cores and staff facilities, to create open plan areas for continued office use, at 1st – 4th floor level in all buildings. Remove existing office area over No. 9-10 and plant over No. 11-12 and replace with setback office area with stair cores, lifts and staff facilities at 6th floor level over all buildings. Provide new green roof, solar panels and plant at roof level and ESB Substation at rear at ground floor on Dawson Lane. The proposal includes revised and upgraded elevations to Dawson Street and Dawson Lane involving the recovery of external original details, fenestration patterns with improved thermal performance. The proposed works will provide for additional interconnection between buildings, structural upgrade works, upgrade works to improve the fire safety standards and servicing requirements of the buildings with provision of new service core to meet current regulatory requirements for office use. Works will include repair and renewal of decorations and finishes throughout. Total floor at present is 6,731.1m2 and at completion will be 9,207.8m2. The buildings will have two set back floor areas over five floors with basement, eight floors in all