Potential for 20,000 new jobs…

Potential for 20,000 new jobs…

Potential for 20,000 new jobs in construction – CIF

Some 20,000 new jobs could be created in the construction sector if the government was to implement a series of measures, the Construction Industry Federation (CIF) said on Monday.

According to the CIF, the construction sector accounted for 45 per cent of all the additional jobs created in the Irish economy last year, but “even further progress” could be made if the Oireachtas was to pass a series of measures aimed at promoting the industry.

These measures include: implementing the Construction Contracts Act; completing the review of the Public Works Contracts and implementing the required changes; enacting legislation which will allow for a Registered Employment Agreement (REA)/ Registered Employment Order (REO) for industrial sectors; and providing incentives to employers to take on apprentices.

CIF director general Tom Parlon said that the measures outlined are all “realistic, achievable and in line with the State’s broader policy agenda”.

“They can be easily implemented during 2015, so long as the political will is there to support them. Most of them have already been flagged by the Government as being measures they were working towards,” he said, adding that there is considerable scope for the construction industry to creaet “vast numbers of jobs” over the coming years.

“ However the industry needs sustained activity if there is to be a substantial increase in the number of jobs created. The pickup in construction activity we have seen over the last 20 months has primarily been concentrated on the greater Dublin region. If we want to see more job opportunities regionally around the country involving the many different construction disciplines then further action needs to be taken.”

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