As experts in transforming existing structures into vibrant, functional, and contemporary environments, we recognise the power of well-designed spaces to enhance productivity, customer experience, and overall business success.

Our Comprehensive Commercial Fitout & Refurbishment Services Include:

  1. Tailored Workspace Solutions: M&P Construction specialises in crafting bespoke workspace solutions. Our fitout services are designed to align seamlessly with your business needs, ensuring that every square foot of your commercial space is optimised for functionality and visual appeal.

  2. Modern Office Interiors: Elevate your office aesthetics with M&P’s modern office interiors. We blend innovative design concepts with ergonomic considerations, creating workspaces that inspire creativity, collaboration, and a positive work culture.

  3. Retail Transformation: Transform retail spaces into engaging customer experiences with M&P’s retail fitout services. We understand the importance of creating an immersive environment that captures attention, promotes brand identity, and enhances the overall shopping experience.

  4. Hospitality Refurbishments: Refresh and revitalise your hospitality spaces with M&P’s refurbishment expertise. From restaurants and cafes to hotels and bars, our services are geared towards creating inviting, trendy, and functional spaces that cater to the evolving tastes of patrons.

  5. Healthcare Facility Upgrades: Enhance the functionality and aesthetics of healthcare facilities with M&P’s fitout and refurbishment solutions. We focus on creating environments that prioritise patient comfort, efficiency, and compliance with the latest healthcare standards.

  6. Commercial Building Refurbishments: Revitalise commercial buildings with M&P’s comprehensive refurbishment services. Whether it’s a facelift for the exterior or a complete interior overhaul, we breathe new life into structures, ensuring they meet contemporary standards and regulations.


Caesarstone, Unit 7, Horizon Logistics Park, Dublin

Caesarstone, Unit 7, Horizon Logistics Park, Dublin

Following on from the construction of the new unit 7 in Horizon Logsistics Park, we were subsequently appointed the new tenant fitout works. Caesarstone, a global provider of quartz and porcelain premium surfaces, will utilize this unit as their new Irish warehouse/distribution centre and office space.